How To Get Demons Out Of Your House

So you went and got your house haunted huh? Good job. But not to worry, I’ll help you fix that.

The first step is to determine when the negative entity entered your home. If you’re able to determine when it first started, you can narrow down the “why”. (If your house has seemed off putting or creepy since you moved in…..why did you move in? No matter, we can fix that too). Around the time that the haunting started, did any changes happen? Disturbing previously undisturbed part of the house? Bringing in a new item such as an antique? A not so magically inclined person obtaining a Ouija board? Whatever the cause may be, finding out that cause could be very beneficial to you. 

The cause of why the entity is in your house is important because if you understand the cause, you can better understand how to get rid of the unwanted entity. If an antique object (or any object) was brought into your house, the negative entity could be tied to that object. So keeping it in your house will keep the entity in your house. If your house seems to have been inhabited for no reason, or you can’t seem to locate a cause, that’s okay for now. Well start with the basics and work out way up from there.

Smudging: smudging is the burning of herbs ( usually sage) to clear areas of negative energy. Usually called a smudge stick, it can be a bundle of just sage, or have other herbs mixed in like sweetgrass, and lavender. 

(caution for smoke detectors)You will start by lighting one end of the smudge/ sage stick on fire, the fire will quickly go out but you’ll want to make sure you have a decent amount of smoke coming from the end. Many will also use a feather to spread this smoke. You will want to go around your house and fill each room with the smoke. You’ll want to spread the smoke along the entire perimeter of any passageway in your house. Things like doorways, windows, air vents, or anything a spirit could possibly travel through. You will also want to go around the perimeter of every room in your house, spreading the smoke into the corners and across the walls, creating a sort of barrier. You will want the entire room to fill with smoke, though you don’t have to have enough smoke that someone will think your house is burning down. You’ll also want the smoke to reach areas like underneath furniture, in hard to reach corners or areas, under tables, in lampshades, anywhere that a spirit might be hiding.

You will continue to repeat this process throughout your entire house, yes including the basement. While smudging, you’ll want a few windows open, The smoke will push the negative entities out of your home, however, if you’ve sealed all the exits, they don’t have anywhere to go.  

If you have an attic or crawlspace, but you don’t feel comfortable entering those areas. You’ll need to get quite a bit of smoke coming from your smudge stick and just hold it at the entrance, allowing the smoke to fill the room. And be sure to smudge the entrance to your attic or crawlspace as well. You would also do well to cover any mirrors or reflective surfaces like computer screens while doing this. If that’s not possible for one reason or another, just avoid looking into the mirrors or reflective surfaces.

Upon completion of your smudging, you will also smudge yourself and anyone else in the house, to be sure that the entity has not latched itself onto them or yourself.

Also, note that areas heavy with negative energy will retain the smell of sage. This will help you locate the epicenter or negative energy ( if there is one)         

Common stopping point. Now, this is where most people stop. And if that works for you, then great. However, if your predicament requires a little more persistence, then there are a variety of different options you can choose from. 

Taking further action. The simplest being to ask your patron deity(s) to bless and protect your home from negative entities. However, be sure to give an offering in return.

Another way would be to create warding candles and place them around your house. Lighting them, creating a protective barrier throughout your house, you may want to do this on a consistent basis as this would not be a one and done solution. (also be careful of flammable items near your candles, don’t burn your house down)    

Warding bags ( similar to things like charm bags or gris-gris bags) could be created and placed at the cardinal points and or far corners of your house, this being a longer-term warding, it may be more beneficial, yet takes more skill to execute. (you could also use warding jars or similar objects in place of warding bags. If you don’t know how to create these, the recipes/templates can be found online or in later lessons here at the school. 

Wearing enchanted/ blessed protection jewelry is another option. Protecting yourself from the effects of the negative entities. These entities feed off of people’s emotions and energies. Being the main reason they want you to fear them. However if they cannot feed off of you, they won’t have much of a reason to stay. Having protection objects around the house will work as well. However, I would use those in conjunction with the jewelry.

What if nothing works?

If you’ve used all of the above methods to rid yourself of demons and negative entities and nothing seems to work, then you may have a bigger problem. 

If the problem seems to continue, even possibly getting worse. You could be facing one of a few slightly more difficult problems. 

Demonic Possession

You or someone in your house could be falling victim to demonic possession. If it’s you, you probably know by now. However, if it’s not, there are a few ways to tell if someone is in the process of being possessed.

  • One indicator is a very poor and or aggressive attitude.
  • Feelings of unease when the person enters the room. 
  • Feelings of unease when you enter the room of the individual. 
  • A large indicator will be the lingering smell of sage in the individual’s room after you’ve smudged the house. 

If these things occur, then the negative entity is entering your home and bypassing your wardings, protections, and smudging because it has a direct portal into your home. When the individual is not there, search their room for a type of gateway, it may be a drawing, a mirror, an odd box. Whatever it may be, that is most likely how the entity is entering your home. (other than the said individual). These portalways must be disposed of, bound or cleansed so that they are no longer functional. The individual must also be bound. Making it clear that the person is not to be used as a gateway or host for this entity (or any entity for that matter) This can be done in various ways though I would recommend the use of a poppet.

Your home: if the entity seems to be connected to your home and not a specific individual, this will be a far easier fix. After you’ve smudged, you’ll most likely notice the lingering smell of sage, as we’ve talked about earlier You’ll want to search that area for portalways, objects(making sure it’s not a haunted object causing the chaos) odd symbols, passageways, etc. if you find something attempt to dispose of, or cleanse it. If nothing seems to be there. You’ll want to ward the area as we talked about earlier. Though not a perfect fix, it could keep the entity contained until another solution can be found. 

Problem number 3: you might have been targeted by another magic-user. In this case, the best thing you can do is ward your house, protect yourself, and attempt to find out who is attacking you. If this can’t be done, you’ll have to attempt any number of counterspells, or bindings, even though you might not know who is targeting you or where the magic is coming from. 

Well, that about wraps it up. I hope this Lesson was insightful to you all. And if you do ever come across the need to take more serious actions against unwanted entities in your home, I wish you all good luck.     

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