Types Of Witchcraft

Omni Witchcraft:

An Omni witch practices all types of witchcraft and incorporates all that they learn into one cohesive craft. Creating extreme versatility when dealing with any issue they may face.

As an Omni witch, you may want to keep a book of shadows for each type of magic that you are studying and practicing. Though you may be blending them all into one craft, it’s best to keep organized and know what spell belongs to which craft.     

Hearth / Cottage and kitchen witchcraft:

hearth and cottage witchcraft are basically the same craft.

Dealing with magick of/in the home. Making your house a sacred place filled with magick. 

 Integration of magic into everyday home activities like housekeeping, home decorations, objects that are placed around the house, etc. also doing things like aromatherapy and utilizing candle magic. Cleaning the front door with positive energy and/ or protection wash, and other things of this nature.

Generally, if you’re a hearth/ cottage witch, you will also practice kitchen witchcraft. With the kitchen as your sacred place, you would infuse magick with your cooking and baking. Putting charms like protection and good luck on your food. It would also be common to know of herbs and their correspondences for your magickal cooking purposes.  Possibly even having your own garden to get fresh supplies that you yourself created and have a connection with.

Hedge Witchcraft:

I won’t write out the full description of a hedgewitch because that would be redundant.

Hedge witchcraft (in essence) is a combination of both Hearth/ Cottage witchcraft and Green Witchcraft (see below)

Green Witchcraft:

With a love of nature, plants would fill your home and you’ll probably have a magickal garden that is very special to you.

Common things to study would be the plants and trees that grow in your area. Studying herbs and herbology.

If there are forests near you, you should get to know them. Learn the spirits that dwell in the forest as well as the spirit of the forest itself. Connecting with the wildlife of your forest as well. 

If you’re without a forest, I’m sure your home or backyard will become a forest itself. Try inviting the nature spirits to be one with your environment. They might especially appreciate this if you find yourself living in a concrete jungle. 

  Sun/ Solar Witchcraft:

Drawing their energy from the sun, most of their practice will be during the day and preferably in the sunlight. However, if that’s not possible, you can always charge your tool in the sun to use its energy whenever you need it.

 Common practices might be making: making sun water, sungazing, knowing what constellation the sun is in, and its effects.

Generally, you’ll have deities of the sun that you work with, only to further your connection with the celestial body, as every ray of sunlight shall give you power 

Moon/ Lunar Witchcraft:

Drawing their energy from the moon and the properties of its different phases. A lunar witch might create moon water, not only on the full moon but the waning, waxing, and new moon. So that its energy could be utilized at any time you would need. Charging your crystals and materials in the moonlight (at whatever phase of  the moon you might need to utilize)

A moon witch might also have a large connection with water magic. As water is a very common and popular way to store moon energy (along with crystals). Something common would be to practice ritual baths. 

Art Witchcraft:

Instead of a more traditional way of spell casting, you would cast spells through your art. Utilizing numerology, sigils, and symbolism amongst other things. 

You may fuse your painting materials with different things like stormwater, ash of herbs from your correspondences. Maybe even just use the ash to draw with. 

Another idea would be to have special art tools that are only used for magick and to draw runes or symbols that are special to you to help increase the power of your magickal artworks.

Craft Witchcraft:

Crafting with magic, you would make many of your own alter items, storage boxes, and anything else you can think of. Utilizing crafting to cast your magic. Possible being an enchanter as well, casting enchantments on things you make, like necklaces, bracelets, protection charms, wherever you can think of.

Perhaps crafting more powerful things like an effigy or symbol of your deity, a small indoor fae garden that’s completely handcrafted, and so much more.  

Other Crafts

Now there are numerous amounts of crafts that I did not display in the above list, and you by no means have to follow any one of these paths.  However all of the above are pretty common or known about paths, and that is why they are on this list. 

These following sects of witchcraft are very extensive in their own right and can be a very different experience from other forms of witchcraft. These following will also be receiving their own posts in the future. It’s fairly self-explanatory but the following list is of crafts that draw their energy from their respective beings.

  • Draconic Witchcraft
  • Fae Witchcraft
  • Demonic Witchcraft
  • Angelic Witchcraft 

You could also say that certain crafts are affected by the area that you live in or around. Whether it be your climate, severity of your seasons, the land around you other reasons I’m sure. Witchcrafts like these include:

  • Storm Witchcraft
  • Swamp witchcraft
  • Snow witchcraft
  • Sea Witchcraft 
  • Sand witchcraft

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what “type of Witch” you are, because it doesn’t matter. People get so caught up by labels that it hinders them. yes, labels can be used to give power. But labels can also be mistaken as a limitation of power. At the end of the day, witchcraft is what you make of it, so craft your own path, don’t follow in anothers.

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