Why Witchcraft Is On The Rise

Witchcraft might have been shunned in the past, making it seem like witchcraft was the devil’s work, or that witchcraft will bring upon a great evil. Now that all of that superstition is dying down an is starting to be seen as misinformation. Now that witchcraft is starting to become more acceptable nowadays, people are starting to drift back to the old ways of their ancestors. 

Magick is a fundamental of life, it has and always will exist. At some points in time magick may have been stronger than other times, but its magick nonetheless. It gave those who practiced magick a deeper connection with the world around them, and a greater understanding of life. However, when those who wish to rule take over, magick in the hands of others can become detrimental to their plans. 

During the rule of Christianity and the church, witchcraft was outlawed. The bible didn’t like the idea of witchcraft being utilized, as it was dangerous and unholy. The Bible condemns the use of magick. So as I’m sure many of you know, the church was not only the church back then. And their holy book was considered law. And just as dominos fall, so too did the use of magick. The number of pagans dwindled, and so with them their knowledge and culture. 

Long after the freedom of religion.  People didn’t hold many religious beliefs other than those from the Abrahamic religions. However, luckily, nowadays people don’t really care what your religion is (for the most part). And many will be accepting of whatever your path you wish to follow, even if it may take some time.

Rocketed off by Gerald Gardner (the creator of Wicca) in the 1950s. Whether you like him or not. His amalgamated the old pagan beliefs with his own, bringing those old beliefs to the forefront of people’s minds.

Now granted, there are many other cultures that have their own forms of magick and cultural influences. However, the largest contributor to witchcraft in North America and Western Europe is Wicca. However, this does not mean those individuals who are drawn into magick and witchcraft stay Wiccans. Wicca is like a gateway if you will. It gives you the access and knowledge to magick, however it is your choice to stay a Wiccan or follow another path. 

To sum up the major points of this article; the use of Magick dwindled as controlled religion came into play. But like all things, the great control of religion faded just the same. A long while after, Gerald Gardner brought forth the ideas of magick to the people of today. People start to do their own research, create their own communities and cultures, and, well… here we are. No matter if you’re reading this as a curious practitioner of magick, or just someone who is curious as to what’s going on with all this witchcraft stuff. My message stays the same. Magick is important. And whether you believe in it or not. It brings people closer together. And it gives them a reason to connect with not only people from across the world but with the nature that’s right outside their back door. As the practice of witchcraft grows, it will change the world for the better. If you don’t believe me… I guess you’ll just wait and see.

One thought on “Why Witchcraft Is On The Rise

  1. Actually, folk magic practitioners brought forth the ideas of magick to the general public. Gardner just turned it into a religion, mixing it with other practices before doing so, and publicized it on a mass scale.

    Witchcraft is actually on the rise for more than a few reasons:

    -Monotheism didn’t offer what people were looking for; God didn’t answer their prayers, rules were too constraining, sins seemed stupid, etc.

    -People are looking for a quick fix to their problems instead of trying to use physical effort to remedy them. On the counter-spin, people are turning away from magick b/c their spells didn’t work and they’re trying paganism/polytheism on for size.

    -People have seen one too many TV shows and movies exemplifying magick in the typical Hollywood manner and either want to scare the crap out of people by claiming to be a witch, want to be cool and different, or truly think that magick works that way and they want the glory of power.

    -People see it as a lucrative money making opportunity; doing spells, making magical items, selling oils and “potions” to gullible and desperate folks, etc. *All of that makes a really bad name for those who truly offer their services, either in exchange for something tangible other than money (barter system) or at no cost (out of the kindness of their heart), to help others in need.

    -Low self-esteem and low self-confidence is on the rise and people think that being a witch will give them that boost they’re looking for; even though it seems to have the opposite effect and a ton of in-fighting goes on, while jealousy flares like the sun on a mission to scorch the very earth we walk on. It’s one of the reasons I ditched social media. Got tired of the ridiculous nonsense.

    -Or…people truly want to revert back to the old ways and show respect for their ancestors and themselves by following directly in the footsteps of those who came before them.

    The last one we see less and less of as time goes on. Sad, to say the least. If one doesn’t go into it with pure intentions, from the heart, they should probably just leave magick alone. Doesn’t mean that they can’t revert back to the simple ways of their ancestors. That doesn’t require much effort and doesn’t accidentally cause harm to others or cause an imbalance in the ether. ❤️


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