How To Make Moon Water

Moon Water is one of the easiest things you could make. It allows you to capture the energy from the moon and use whenever you want.

Generally, moon water is created under the full moon. However you can create moon water under any phase of the moon.


  • Springwater (if available, however any clean water will do)
  • A glass jar (any clear material will work but best if its made of glass)  Warning: don’t use glass if the weather will drop below freezing as your glass will most likely crack or  break into pieces.
  • Direct moonlight(while not completely necessary, moon water will be most potent if in direct moonlight with no cloud coverage)

You don’t want your moon water to be exposed to direct sunlight so you’ll have wake up pretty early in the morning to go get it. After you’ve secured your moon water, store it somewhere the sun wont won’t be shining directly onto it. If you plan on just drinking it you could just store it in your fridge.

Some people will add salt to their moon water, but if you choose to do this I wouldn’t recommend drinking or cleaning with it.

An alternative way to get Moon water (during the winter) is to wake up before the sun and to collect the snow from the ground since its been absorbing the moons energy all night. 

Amplifying moon water:

  • You could add crystal pointers around your jar to direct more energy into your water
  • Draw runes, sigils and symbols on the glass that compliment the properties you want your water to have ( e.g. Elder Futhark Runes and Ogham)
  • Place mirrors around your jar to reflect more moonlight into your water
  • Place a crystal into your jar while its out overnight so it will not only be moon water, but crystal water as well

You can use your moon water in a plethora of different ways, and no way is “the right way”, so use it however you want.

Here is a list of possible ways you can use your moon water. 

  • Drink it straight
  • Use it to make tea
  • Make crystal water with it
  • Use it for magickal cooking
  • Pour some into a ritual bath
  • Use it as a water element in your altar
  • Us it as the water element in a ritual or spell
  • Us it for any mixed ingredient that needs water (maybe a painting paste made of sage ash and water)
  • Use it to charge your altar tools
  • Use it to charge your crystals (Warning: some crystals dissolve in water)
  • Use it to make holy/blessed water
  • Use it to make enchanted water

Regardless of how you make or use your moon water, it is always useful to have in your arsenal. Now a days, its become a staple of modern witches and practitioners of magick. Its versatility and convenience of having the energy of the moon at your fingertips at all times of the day can be very useful. Also, don’t be scared to use it all, you can always make more.

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